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HuskyCT Help for Instructors - HuskyCT Basics
Requesting a HuskyCT site for a class
Request a HuskyCT site:
Instructors use the Student Administration System (PeopleSoft) to request HuskyCT sites for classes. See this (pdf) for directions.
NOTE: Only the primary instructor for a class - as listed in the Student Administration System - will be able to request a HuskyCT site for that class.
To combine multiple sections of a course:
  Request a HuskyCT site for each section as indicated above and then email with your section combine request.
To have content from a previous course restored in a HuskyCT site:
  Use this request form to restore old HuskyCT content into a new HuskyCT site.
  NOTE: Be sure to request the new HuskyCT site in PeopleSoft before making the request to restore.
Roles in HuskyCT
HuskyCT section members can have one or more of the following roles: Instructor, Designer, Teaching Assistant, Student, and Auditing student.
Instructors who request HuskyCT class sites via the Student Administration System (PeopleSoft) will be enrolled as both Instructor and Designer in their HuskyCT sections.
  To enroll individuals in HuskyCT with the Teaching Assistant role, follow these directions . Members in the Teaching Assistant role are able to perform Teach tab tasks with some limitations.
  HuskyCT Section Instructors can also add additional members in the Section Designer role using the same process. Consult this help file for more information about roles and tasks in HuskyCT.
Enrolling students in HuskyCT
Students registered for a class are automatically enrolled in the HuskyCT site for that class if one has been created. Add/drop enrollment updates are handled automatically as well. Additional members can be added in the Student role manually by the HuskyCT section Instructors (see this help file)
Although students are enrolled at the same time the HuskyCT section is created, they do not have access to the site until the first day of classes. Instructors who wish to give their students early access should contact the IRC at 486-5052 or email
When a student drops a class he or she will be unenrolled from the HuskyCT gradebook for that section. This process does not completely remove the student's data, however. By clicking on the "Grade Book Options" button and then on "Show Unenrolled Members Data" the gradebook will display both enrolled and unenrolled members. Unenrolled members will appear in red text with a small icon to the right of the member's last name.
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Important first steps
Specific browser configurations are needed for HuskyCT to function properly. Links to HuskyCT's built in browser checker can be found at the top righthand corner of the HuskyCT My Courses page.
check browser
Most important settings:
ALL pop-up blockers must be disabled or set to allow pop-ups on "".
  ONE supported version of Java must also be installed and enabled on your computer.
  See this web page for more information.
My Courses page
The My Courses page lists the courses in HuskyCT that you have a role in. If you place your mouse curser over the title of a course in the list, it will display your role(s).
  SMALL icons will appear below the course title when there is new mail, new discussion posts, new assignments, new announcements, new quizzes or surveys, or for students, new grades.
New Announcement
New Mail
New Discussion Post
New Calendar Post
New Assessment (Quiz)
New Assignment
For a more in depth view of the My Courses page and how to customize it, see this (Flash movie).
UConn default HuskyCT template
All newly requested HuskyCT sections will have the default UConn template applied. This template contains links in the Course Tools menu to the following tools: Announcements, Discussion, Calendar, and MyGrades. To remove one of these tools from the tool menu or to add others, see the detailed instructions (web page) (pdf)

The footers on the HomePage and the Course Materials page provide links to UConn's HuskyCT help for both Instructors and Students.

The default template contains a link to the "Library Resources" on the Course Materials page. To remove this link, see these instructions. To hide the link for the LRT link, follow these instructions. For a restored section which may not have this link, please see these directions for adding the link.
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LRT - Library Resource Tool
Students access Electronic Course Reserve (ECR) materials using the "Library Resources" link available on the Course Materials page in the default UConn HuskyCT template. If the link is removed at some point, it can be re-added (see option 2 on help file). In the event that a section gets restored without the Library Resource Tool, please use (see option 3 on help file) to create and add the tool.
Instructors wishing to have materials delivered to their sections via the LRT should access the library's course reserve information page or contact their campus Reserve staff.
More HuskyCT Features
The interface for instructors using HuskyCT includes a Build Tab for the Section Designer role and a Teach tab for the Section Instructor role. There is also a Student View tab for a true student view of the site.
For a breakdown of these different tabs and what can be done from each, view this (webpage) or (pdf).
Another feature in HuskyCT is the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML page creator. This tool is a Java applet that provides a word processor like environment for creating pages inside of a HuskyCT site. Students, Instructors and Designers have access to this tool in the Mail, Discussion, and Assignment tools. Designers are also able to use this tool to create questions in the Assessments tool and to create HTML content pages to add to Learning Modules or Folder pages. This eliminates the need to convert Word files to HTML outside of HuskyCT and then upload them.
  For more detailed information on how the HTML creator works, view this (Flash movie).
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Handy Hints
To stop the page with the explanation of Course Tools and Designer Tools from showing each time you log into a HuskyCT site, check the box below the "Done" button and then click on it.
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Navigation inside HuskyCT

For best results, use the navigation system built into HuskyCT - not the back button on your browser.

If you seem stuck on a screen, try one of the following techniques: .

Click on a different tab
Use the back button next to the "Your location" or a "bread crumb" link
Click on the HomePage icon or Course Content link
Click the arrow icon to expand the Course Content menu
Use a Cancel button
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