Need to watch a video and take notes? Or have you ever wanted to create an interactive video index to easily jump from scene to scene? makes these tasks easy.

Your video shows on the left side of the screen while you log notes or create an index on the right.  Then when you review, just click on any note and automatically jumps to that place in the video. desktop
Working with Google Drive, allows you to index video clips from YouTube and other web sources. This indexing makes it easy to select and playback the exact segment you wish in class avoiding all the hunting and guesswork. is a free app that works with Google Drive so you will need a Google Drive account (also free) onto which you can download and install  View videos by pasting in the URL from a YouTube, Coursera, Udacity, EdX or Kahn Academy program. Give your project a name and start logging.  Your work is saved to your Google Drive account.

To get started with go to their website where you can learn more about it and download the app.