Pixlr Express


Everyone has heard of Photoshop and seen the fabulous results of a well edited photo. But if you have ever tried to use Photoshop or any of its clones you may have found it difficult to learn and less than intuitive. And worse, once you’ve learned something, you forget it just as quickly if you don’t use that knowledge often.

Enter Pixlr Express: a simple to use, cloud based picture editing tool that is truly intuitive. Best of all, Pixlr Express (PE) can do almost anything you can think of with a photo for free! Whether you need to do basics like resize, adjust brightness & contrast, crop, adjust color and fix red eye, or, you aspire to add text, blur and sharpen, add borders, overlays and special effects, Pixlr Express makes it easy.

Pixlr Express canvas
Pixlr Express editing canvas

See Pixlr Express for yourself and start photo editing at http://pixlr.com/express/. There is also a handy app for your Android or iPhone as well.

Pixlr Express editing tools.
Editing tools to modify images.

Note: you may also encounter Pixlr editor which is more like Photoshop and designed for advanced users. We recommend Pixlr Express for novice and intermediate photo editors.