Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck LogoNeed to whip up a presentation with supporting visuals?  Haiku Deck might be the answer. Developed by entrepreneurs to help tell their “story,” Haiku Deck is a great tool for generating simple yet impressive slides, fast.  Choose a theme/font for text and layout, then add a background visual from literally millions of images available from the Creative Commons, all licensed and free. Haiku Deck’s strength is limiting choices to help keep designs simple and clean.  You can also upload your own visuals.


Look for Haiku Deck Public on the Pricing page to create unlimited slides and decks of slides in Haiku Deck at no cost.  Once you’ve finished creating your Haiku Deck it is easy to present from the cloud or share via social media.   With a paid subscription you can also export as a pdf or in PowerPoint where further editing and presentation tweaks can be added.

Get started at www.haikudeck.com where you will find easy to follow instructions and plenty of examples and inspiration in the Gallery.