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This is one of the most frequently used tools in HuskyCT. When instructors create an announcement, it gets posted in the HuskyCT site, a notice appears under the course title in the “My HuskyCT Classes” box, and an email notification is sent to each student using the email address associated with their profile in the HuskyCT system. By default, this will be their email address, but students do have the option of changing this.


The “Course Messages” tool is an internal email system. Instructors must add this tool to the left-hand navigation menu to make it available to students. Then, students or the instructor can send messages to others enrolled on the HuskyCT site. Those users must come into the HuskyCT course site to send message or check their Inbox for messages sent to them.

There is no connection between this email tool and the mail accounts.


This email tool enables the instructor to send emails to individuals or groups in a particular HuskyCT course site. These emails go to the recipients’ email addresses, unless they have edited their profile and entered a different external email address.

No record of these email communications send by the instructor is available within HuskyCT. The instructor will receive a copy of the email in their own email account, however.If students respond to emails sent using this tool, those replies will go to the instructor’s email address.

This tool can be added to the navigation menu for use by the students, but its use can be limited to the instructor. For this, the instructor should access the “Send Email” tool under the “Course Tools” menu in the Control Panel in the left-hand navigation menu.

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