Assignments and SafeAssignments

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Instructors can provide the ability for students to submit work online by creating an Assignment. An Assignment can be added to a Content Area or Content Folder or to a Learning Module. This is done using the “Assessments” button at the top of these different content posting options.

Instructors set the dates when the Assignment link will be active, a Due Date, the number of attempts allowed, and the points possible. Students click on the Assignment link to access the screen where they have the option to browse for and submit a file.

Instructors access the submitted assignments through the Grade Center.  It is possible to mark up the submitted assignments online and enter the grade and comments on the same screen.


The SafeAssign function is now a setting in “regular” assignments. Instructors can create a SafeAssignment by selecting the option “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” under “Submission Details” when creating an Assignment. Instructors also decide whether students see the “Originality Report” or not.

When an assignment is designated as a SafeAssignment, the student work submitted will be checked against various databases and the Internet for matching text (see Blackboard’s help page for more information).  An “Originality Report” is generated which indicates the total percent match between the student’s submission and the sources checked during the review process. Each instance of matching text will be highlighted and the source indicated.

Since SafeAssignments are now just Assignments with an added feature, the help files listed in the right-hand column for grading and downloading assignments apply, as do the instructions for ignoring, clearning or allowing an additional attempt.

Creating an Assignment or SafeAssignment

Creating an Assignment or SafeAssignment (video)

Grading submitted Assignments

Grading submitted Assignments (video)

The Assignment Grading Dashboard

Options for downloading submitted Assignments

Bulk download of all assignment submissions

How to Ignore, Clear, or Allow an Additional Assignment Attempt

SafeAssign (Blackboard help)