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Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck LogoNeed to whip up a presentation with supporting visuals?  Haiku Deck might be the answer. Developed by entrepreneurs to help tell their “story,” Haiku Deck is a great tool for generating simple yet impressive slides, fast.  Choose a theme/font for text and layout, then add a background visual from literally millions of images available from the Creative Commons, all licensed and free. Haiku Deck’s strength is limiting choices to help keep designs simple and clean.  You can also upload your own visuals.

Look for Haiku Deck Public on the Pricing page to create unlimited slides and decks of slides in Haiku Deck at no cost.  Once you’ve finished creating your Haiku Deck it is easy to present from the cloud or share via social media.   With a paid subscription you can also export as a pdf or in PowerPoint where further editing and presentation tweaks can be added.

Get started at where you will find easy to follow instructions and plenty of examples and inspiration in the Gallery.


Moovly LogoWant to create animated videos like a pro?  That is what Moovly, a cloud based tool says it can do.  With Moovly you choose a template to work on, add visuals and text, then animate those elements to create engaging videos.

Once you have created your Moovly video, share it on YouTube and Facebook or download an MP4 copy. The free version of Moovly gives you 100 MB of storage to create multiple videos in Standard Definition (max 10 minute length each). Plus and Pro licenses render in High Definition and offer greater storage space and video lengths. Educational discounts are also available.

To see what others have created in the gallery, to sign up for your own account or for more information, visit the Moovly site at

Pixlr Express


Everyone has heard of Photoshop and seen the fabulous results of a well edited photo. But if you have ever tried to use Photoshop or any of its clones you may have found it difficult to learn and less than intuitive. And worse, once you’ve learned something, you forget it just as quickly if you don’t use that knowledge often.

Enter Pixlr Express: a simple to use, cloud based picture editing tool that is truly intuitive. Best of all, Pixlr Express (PE) can do almost anything you can think of with a photo for free! Whether you need to do basics like resize, adjust brightness & contrast, crop, adjust color and fix red eye, or, you aspire to add text, blur and sharpen, add borders, overlays and special effects, Pixlr Express makes it easy.

Pixlr Express canvas
Pixlr Express editing canvas

See Pixlr Express for yourself and start photo editing at There is also a handy app for your Android or iPhone as well.

Pixlr Express editing tools.
Editing tools to modify images.

Note: you may also encounter Pixlr editor which is more like Photoshop and designed for advanced users. We recommend Pixlr Express for novice and intermediate photo editors. logo
Need to watch a video and take notes? Or have you ever wanted to create an interactive video index to easily jump from scene to scene? makes these tasks easy.

Your video shows on the left side of the screen while you log notes or create an index on the right.  Then when you review, just click on any note and automatically jumps to that place in the video. desktop
Working with Google Drive, allows you to index video clips from YouTube and other web sources. This indexing makes it easy to select and playback the exact segment you wish in class avoiding all the hunting and guesswork. is a free app that works with Google Drive so you will need a Google Drive account (also free) onto which you can download and install  View videos by pasting in the URL from a YouTube, Coursera, Udacity, EdX or Kahn Academy program. Give your project a name and start logging.  Your work is saved to your Google Drive account.

To get started with go to their website where you can learn more about it and download the app.



VoiceThread LogoAre you searching for a way to share information with your students that will instigate online discussion and sharing? VoiceThread may be what you are looking for. With VoiceThread you can upload slides, photos, diagrams, video and audio and allow your students to review your information and add their own comments. Students, whose input surrounds the collaborative screen, can respond using webcam, audio or text.

This cloud based interface is simple to use and will have you uploading content in minutes.  A free account comes with 75 MB of storage and 30 webcam minutes. All users must sign up for an account to participate and Single Instructor, Department and Site License accounts are available at a cost allowing for greater storage and participation options.

VoiceThread PageVisit the VoiceThread website for more information.


Do you have a message to convey in 100 words or less? Why not let your animated alter ego or “Gami” do it for you?  Tellagami is an app that allows you to customize a character, add dialogue and share a message using your smartphone.

The Tellagami app allows you to customize a character on your smartphone and share it.
The Tellagami app allows you to customize a character on your smartphone and share it.

When you create your Tellagami avitar or “gami” as they say, you create your character and assign attributes like hair style, color, clothing and emotion.  Then you have the option to add dialogue by typing it in or recording your own voice.  HINT: use your own voice because  it sounds far more real. Once you have finished recording for up to 30 seconds, you can share your Tellagami message by sending the link to others or posting it in a blog or website. See my “Gami” at this link:

Posted by Steve McDermott