Blogs, Journals, Wikis

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Blogs provide a place where students can post entries. They will appear in reverse chronological order. Blogs can be open to the whole class, or blogs can be created for group use.

To add or view comments, the “Comments” button below the post is used. Many instructors find the blog interface in HuskyCT to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate than the Discussion Board.

They can be set up as graded or ungraded.


Journals are essentially personal blogs. By default they are private and can just be viewed by the student and the instructor, but they can be set to be public and accessible to the whole class.

Journals can be set up as graded or ungraded.


Wikis provide a shared space for creating and editing “pages”. They can be set up for the whole class to access or access can be limited to groups.

There is an option for grading.


Blackboard’s help for Blogs
(use the “Grading Blogs Inline”  instructions for grading blogs)

Blackboard’s help for Journals
(use the “Grading Journals Inline” instructions for grading journals)

Blackboard’s help for Wikis
(use the “Grading Wikis Inline” instructions for grading wikis)

Blackboard YouTube Tutorials:

How to create a blog

How to create a journal