End of Semester Reminders

Important End of Semester tasks for HuskyCT Users
Associated Help Files
Download the Grade Center

It is the instructor’s responsibility to download a copy of the HuskyCT Grade Center at the end of the semester.

According to Series #S5-760 in the State of Connecticut Records Retention Schedule S5: Higher Education Records, which can be found at http://ctstatelibrary.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/S5-Higher-Education.pdf, instructors are responsible for retaining students grades for 5 years (see page 16 in the document).

Request HuskyCT sites for upcoming semester

HuskyCT sites must be requested each semester using PeopleSoft, even if you are planning to restore content from a prior semester.


Download the Grade Center

Request HuskyCT sites

Restore HuskyCT course content