Grade Center Checklist Before Posting Grades

Steps for Preventing Grade Center Problems
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1. Use Student View to Check Calculations

  • If you do not see “Demo User” in the Grade Center, you will first need to “use student view
  • Enter grades for “Demo User”. Give the maximum points possible for each graded activity.
  • Check Demo User’s grade in the calculated column. Is it the maximum grade possible? If not, you need to “Edit the column information” for the Calculated column.

2. Use Student View to Check “My Grades”

  • While in Student View, click on “My Grades”.
  • Are you seeing only the columns you want students to see? If not, you will need to adjust the settings on the columns to either make them visible or not visible to students.

3. Disable the External Grade Total Column

This “Total” column is created in each HuskyCT site. Because it is set to be the “External Grade Column” (indicated by the green checkmark), it cannot be deleted but it can be hidden from students. By default this column’s calculation is a sum of all other columns in the Grade Center.


  • Continue to use this column, but adjust the calculation to include just columns¬†you want to be part of the total
  • Prevent the column from generating a total
  • Hide this column from students. Because it is an “external grade” column hiding from students requires “Editing the column information”.

Disable the calculation and hide the column unless your course is based on a total points calculation and you have edited this column’s calculation to include the appropriate columns.

Please note: it is possible to designate another column in the Grade Center as the external grade column, but whatever column is set as external grade will appear to students as “Current Grade (column name)” when they access grades through the menu with the red number for notifications. External Grade/Current Grade is meant to be the Course Grade.

4. Check Calculated Column settings 

Two problems can arise with Calculated Columns.

  • Sometimes the “formula” is wrong because the correct columns have not been included or because the wrong percentages have been applied in Weighted Total columns. Check on this using “Edit Column Information”
  • Sometimes the value computed is not an accurate representation of the student’s performance because columns for assignments that the student did not complete are left blank and the column setting for “Running total” is “Yes”. At the end of the semester the Running Total setting should be “No”. Follow these instructions to check/change the setting.




Using “True Student View

Showing and Hiding Columns to/from Students

Showing and Hiding Columns to/from Instructors

Changing Column Settings

Check/Change Running Total setting for Calculated Column

Disable the Default Total Column

Managing Column Visibility in Grade Center and “My Grades”