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Each HuskyCT site that is created has a Grade Center. Only those enrolled on the site in the role of “Student” will be listed in the Grade Center.

The Grade Center is accessed from the Control Panel under “Course Management”. Click on “Grade Center” and then “Full Grade Center”.

Default columns

The columns created by default include Last Name, First Name, Username (NetID), Student ID (PeopleSoft ID), Last Access, Availability, Weighted Total and Total. Instructors often choose to hide the Student ID and the Availability columns.

If it is not going to be used, the Weighted Total column can be deleted. The Total column, however, is an “External Grade” column as indicated by the green check mark. This cannot be deleted but it can be “disabled”. This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as this column is set up to start adding all values in the Grade Center and display that to the students. This has resulted in many problems for instructors. Please see the help file at the right for disabling the default Total column.

Creating additional columns for manual data entry

Instructors can create additional columns in the Grade Center and use these to record grades from in class exams or quizzes, for papers handed in, homework grades, participation grades, etc.

Creating columns which perform calculations

Calculated columns can be created which compute the sum or average of the scores in group of columns, apply weightings to grades and add them together, or to identify a maximum or minimum value. It is also possible to drop 1 or more of the lowest grades from a set before the calculation is made. This is accomplished by selecting a “Category” of columns when choosing columns to include in the calculation.

Columns created automatically by graded activities in HuskyCT

When an instructor creates an online Test, Assignment, or SafeAssignment in HuskyCT, a column is created automatically for the grades generated by those activities. The same is true for graded Discussion Forums, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis. Therefore, columns should not be created manually for inputting the grades for these activities. This will result in duplicate columns and considerable confusion for both instructor and students.

Allowing students to view their grades from the Grade Center

Instructors can release grade column information to students which they view using the “My Grades” tool. Each student will only see their grade from a column that has been set to “Show to users”.

Common Issues

  • Not knowing the difference between “Hide” column and “Hide from users”
  • Not disabling the default “External Grade” Total column
  • Needing to change browsers to manually enter grades
  • Not knowing that Upload and Download options are under “Work Offline”
  • No scroll bar appearing for Mac users
  • Not knowing how to upload grades into existing columns



Create Columns

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Weighted and Total Calculated Columns

Entering Grades

Show/Hide Columns for Instructor

Reorder Columns

Delete Columns

Disable the Default Total Column (pdf)

Disable the Default Total Column (video)

Show/Hide Grade Columns for Students

Download Grade Center

Upload Scantron/Bubble Sheet Grades

Import Grades to Existing Column

Import Grades and create new column

Import HuskyCT grades to PeopleSoft

Understanding and editing Running Total Setting

Using Grade Center Categories and dropping the lowest grade(s)

Sending Grades from HuskyCT to Student Admin