About HuskyCT

What is HuskyCT?

HuskyCT stands for “Husky Course Tools” and refers to the learning management system in use at UConn, which is Blackboard Learn 9.1. Instructors can request HuskyCT sites for classes they are teaching. The ability to request sites for Fall classes usually starts March 1 and site requests for Spring classes usually begin October 1.

How do HuskyCT sites get created?

An automated process is used for the creation of HuskyCT sites associated with classes listed in the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft). Instructors of record for a class can request a HuskyCT site for that class using PeopleSoft. This information is fed to HuskyCT and the requested HuskyCT sites are created. This may occur the same day or the next day, depending on when the request was submitted.

It is possible on occasion to obtain a HuskyCT site for a purpose other than for a course which appears in PeopleSoft. These are called “non-class” HuskyCT sites and requests are made using an online form.

Who uses HuskyCT sites? 

Most of the 4000+ HuskyCT sites in use a semester are for traditional face-to-face classes, but HuskyCT is also used to deliver fully online classes and the online component of hybrid courses.

What are they used for?

These sites are used for posting files (syllabus, class notes, problem solutions), posting grades, sending announcements, using library reserve materials (articles, ebooks, streaming video), assignment submissions, tests, and online discussion.

How do students get access to HuskyCT sites?

The feed from PeopleSoft to HuskyCT also contains enrollment information and any students registered for the class are automatically enrolled on the HuskyCT site for that class. As students add or drop classes in PeopleSoft, the enrollment in the corresponding HuskyCT site will be adjusted appropriately. This is not immediate, however. It will occur at the time of the next feed, which may be anywhere from 1 to 18 hours after the change is made in PeopleSoft.

When do students get access to HuskyCT sites?

Each HuskyCT site is created with a start date and an end date.  The start date is set for the first official day of classes for the term. The end date is set for two weeks after finals end.  These start and end dates only apply to individuals with the Student Role on a HuskyCT site.  Those with the HuskyCT role of Instructor can access the site even when unavailable to students. Instructors have the ability to change the start date if they want to give students access sooner or later than the default start date.

Re-using HuskyCT content from a prior semester

Instructors teaching a course again another semester can request the restore of their HuskyCT content from a previous semester. This restore does not include any materials delivered through Library Resources (digital reserve materials). These must be re-activated separately from the new site. Older HuskyCT course sites are available for three years for restore purposes.  Instructors are responsible for keeping a record of student grades for 5 years, but this information is easily downloaded from the HuskyCT Grade Center.

Combining HuskyCT Sites – Why and How

Instructors teaching more than one section of a course often request that their HuskyCT sites be combined. This might be for multiple sections of the same course that meet at different times or for courses where students are in class at the same time but register for different sections because the course is cross-listed or because it is offered in multiple locations simultaneously using the iTV system. Instructors must use the Student Admin System to request HuskyCT sites for all the sections involved and then email huskyct@uconn.edu to request that the HuskyCT sites be combined.