Preparing for Emergency Disruptions in Normal Classroom Instruction

In the event that classes cannot be held due to an emergency situation on campus, or weather conditions prevent instructors and/or students from attending class, there are various technologies that can be used to maintain some continuity in instruction.

The following table addresses three priorities and offers suggestions for ways to address them. Use the links to access more detailed instructions. Several of the options involve the use of HuskyCT. If you do not currently have a HuskyCT site, you can request one using these instructions. Please note that it can take up to 12 hours for the site to be available. Once available, however, all students registered for your class will be automatically enrolled and have immediate access. 

Please contact the Instructional Resource Center (860-486-5052; for any assistance needed for HuskyCT based activities.  

Priority # 1: Establish a communication plan for your class
Priority # 2: Make class materials available to students
Priority # 3: Provide a way for students to fulfill course requirements