Presentations and Presentation Tools – Use Them Effectively

No PowerPoint symbolNeed to make a presentation? Don’t automatically launch PowerPoint! Use of presentation tools should be determined by need, not availability. Presenters with good speaking skills don’t need slides as they talk, and if they do use them, their slides elaborate on their ideas, they do not repeat them.

Best Practices
Don’t dumbfound your audience with data. Keep your message simple. Support your message with meaningful images where appropriate.

1 slide should help illustrate no more than 1 point.

Font Size
When using text make sure it is large enough for people in the back of the classroom to see. 40 point or larger is preferable.


Remember that your presentation slides are not speaking notes. Your notes belong in front of you where only you can see them. Slides are for the audience to see.

Should you hand out a copy of your slides to the audience? Not necessarily. If the audience can look at your slides and understand your presentation, then they are not slides, they are handouts!

Use visuals to illustrate your ideas and points. Your words tell the story and images can support what you are talking about.

Don’t send “mixed messages.” While presenting to your audience, don’t split their attention by projecting unrelated information. Allow them to focus on your message (what you say) and supplement your message, when appropriate, with complimentary visuals. Never confuse or distract your audience by saying one thing while showing a visual that is not directly related.

Make Visuals look their Best




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