Using Respondus 4.0 to Create HuskyCT Tests

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Respondus 4.0 is a Windows only application available for free for all UConn instructors. This software can be used to create and manage test questions and exams. These exams can be saved to Word and printed for use in class or uploaded directly to a HuskyCT course site. Respondus 4.0 can also be used to bring tests or question pools from a HuskyCT site into Respondus where it can be saved as a Word file. This is the best way to “print out” a copy of a test delivered in HuskyCT.The best news is that with very little special formatting, a properly prepared Word file can be used to import questions into Respondus 4.0. From there the questions can be published to HuskyCT as a test or a question pool. With this streamlined process, it is possible to go from a Word file to a test in HuskyCT within minutes. The steps in this process are listed below. Please click on a link to access a video tutorial.

  1. Create the properly formatted Word file
  2. Import the file to Respondus
  3. Preview the questions and edit as needed
  4. Publish questions to HuskyCT
  5. Creating a HuskyCT test from a pool of questions
  6. Deploy the test and edit the Test Options
Downloading and installing Respondus

Disabling auto-numbering of lists in Word

Respondus Standard Format for Importing MC and TF Questions

Respondus Standard Format for Importing Other Question types

Setting Test Options in HuskyCT

Server Settings for publishing from Respondus to HuskyCT (Summer 2015 and later)

Server Settings for “old” HuskyCT (Spring 2015 and before)

Changing the default answer numbering option in Respondus