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Instructors can create “Rubrics”, or grading matrices, in HuskyCT which can be used for grading Assignments, Discussions, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis. It is also possible to associate a Rubric with a Grade Center column. Rubrics can be created with no points associated with level of performance in a certain area, set points, point ranges, percents or a percent range.

The initial “Rubric Grid”, or template, consists of 3 rows for the criteria being evaluated and 3 columns for different levels of achievement. The number of rows and columns can be edited and text can be placed in each cell of the rubric which describes that level of performance for a particular area being assessed.

Rubrics can be exported from one HuskyCT site and imported into another.

Using Rubrics (Blackboard help file)

What are rubrics? (website at DePaul University with information about using rubrics. Examples are included)

Blackboard YouTube Tutorials:

How to create a rubric for grading student work

How to grade using a rubric