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My Courses page

This is the first page users see when they log into HuskyCT. There are several “boxes” on the page which contain different kinds of information. Blackboard refers to these as “modules”.

The center box, or module, is “My HuskyCT Classes” and this is where links to HuskyCT sites will be found. Both old and new course titles may be showing. We recommend hiding the titles of courses that are no longer active. The term code that is part of the course title will indicate when that site was used.

If you have had multiple sections of a course combined in HuskyCT, you will see course titles associated with “Child Sections”. The child sections are the HuskyCT sites that are now part of the combined section. These are not seen by the students and should not be used. We recommend that these course titles be hidden as well.

It is possible to customize your My Courses page by moving the modules to different locations. This is done using “drag and drop” while “grabbing” the module header. It is even possible to add additional modules such as a calculator or dictionary using the “Add Module” button at the top left of the screen, but the “My Dashboard” tab would probably be a better location for these.

Customizing Course Settings

customization_menuUnder the Control Panel inside a HuskyCT course site, there is a”Customization” link. In this menu are “Properties” and “Teaching Style“.

The availability dates for the course site can be changed under Properties. Since the default start date for student access to HuskyCT sites is the first day of classes, some instructors choose to open up the site earlier by changing the start date under Properties.

The Teaching Style option is most often used to adjust the entry page for the HuskyCT site. In new “blank” course sites, the entry page is the Announcements page. In sites migrated from the old HuskyCT system, the entry page is often the old “Course Content” page. A nice feature of our new system is the ability to choose which link in the left-hand navigation menu will be the first thing that students see when they access the site.

Editing Personal and Notification Settings

It is possible for users to change the email address that is used by the HuskyCT “Email” tool and for the emailed notifications. By default, it will be set to the user’s email address.

HuskyCT users can also adjust their notification settings. These settings determine how notifications are received and what activity on the site triggers notifications.

These settings are accessed through the “Global Navigation Menu” global_navwhich appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen in HuskyCT. 

The red square with a number indicates the total number of notifications available.

Hide/Show course titles

Hide Child Section course titles

Change Start Date for course site

Change Entry Page for course site

Change default email address

Edit Notification Settings

Blackboard YouTube Tutorial:

How to set your notifications options