Student Resources for HuskyCT

This page contains links to HuskyCT resources for students. Except where indicated by [pdf], the links are for Mediasite videos.

If students have questions about any of the tasks covered in these tutorials and help pages, they should contact the UITS HuskyTech Help Center at or (860) 486-4357. Outside of normal business hours and on holidays, students can contact Blackboard’s 24 by 7 help desk at


Submitting an assignment

Submitting a SafeAssignment

Viewing Graded Assignments or SafeAssignments

SafeAssign Troubleshooting [pdf]

Blogs, Journals, and Discussion Board

Using Blogs

Viewing other students journal posts (public journals only)

Using the Discussion Board


Working in groups

My Grades

Viewing Grades


Test Taking Guidelines [pdf]

Taking a test

Viewing Test Results [pdf]