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Edit Mode OFF Student View

When working in a HuskyCT site, an instructor needs to be in “Edit Mode ON”. By changing Edit Mode to OFF, an instructor will not see links to files, assignments, tests, discussion forums, etc., that are not currently available to students, but they will still see the Control Panel area of the left-hand navigation menu, so it is not a “true” student view.”

“Student Preview Mode” – a true student view

Accessing Student PreView mode: Use the “Student Preview mode”  button at the upper right of your HuskyCT site. Once in Student Preview mode, an orange bar will appear at the top of the screen. What the instructor sees when in Student Preview mode is exactly what students will see in terms of content and activities. The control panel will not be visible.

PreviewUser: If the instructor elects to keep the Preview User and any data generated by the Preview User, a new student will appear in the Grade Center with the instructor’s last name followed by “_PreviewUser”. If any Tests are taken or Assignments submitted while in Student Preview mode, these would appear in the Grade Center for the PreviewUser. Entering grades for PreviewUser can be particularly helpful for determining if a calculated column is functioning properly and to see what the students see when they go to the “My Grades” tool.

Exiting Student Preview mode: Use the “Exit Preview” button at the right-hand end of the orange bar that is present during Student Preview mode. You will then need to indicate if you want to retain the Preview User and any associated data.  The default is set to “no”. If any tests were taken when in Student Preview mode and you wish to see those results in the Grade Center, you will need to keep Preview User at least temporarily. You can always re-enter Student Preview mode later and choose the option to delete the Preview User.

Types of Student View (PDF)

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