Tests, Surveys, Pools and Respondus 4.0

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Instructors can create online tests using HuskyCT. There are 17 different question types that can be used, all but 2 of which will be graded automatically.

The “Test Options” that can be applied include number of attempts, time allotted to take the test, the time period when the test will be available to take, and the extent of the information that students see after taking the test.

It is also possible to set up “Test Availability Exceptions” which make it easy to have one test but allow an extended period of time to a student who qualify for this accommodation.

Test questions can be delivered in random order, question answer order for multiple choice questions can be randomized, and it is even possible to have questions drawn from sets so that students are not all getting the same questions.

Test results for the whole class can be downloaded by the instructor into a spreadsheet and various types of statistics are available.

Tests can be exported from one HuskyCT site and imported into another.

Delivering tests through HuskyCT is not difficult, but it requires several steps and a good understanding of the test settings. There are also some best practices that students should follow in order to minimize the possibility of encountering problems saving answers or submitting tests. Consequently, we encourage instructors to work with the Instructional Resource Center when getting ready to use this tool.


Surveys can use the same question types as Tests but surveys are not scored and the student providing a particular set of answers is not identified. The instructor will know, however, which students completed the survey.

Survey results can be downloaded into a spreadsheet and statistics are available which provide information on how many students answering a question chose a particular response.

Please note: while the survey results are considered anonymous, in the case of only 1 respondent, the individual’s identity would be known. Depending on the information being gathered and how that information is going to be used, instructors may need to utilize a tool outside of HuskyCT. UConn has the web-based software, “Qualtrics”, available for creating and administering surveys.  Please visit the OIRE (Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness) website to get more information and access the Qualtrics tool.


Pools are a means of organizing test questions in HuskyCT. Having questions in pools makes it much easier to find and re-use those questions when creating tests. Question pools can be exported from one HuskyCT site and imported into another.

If instructors are creating their test questions directly in HuskyCT and wish to have them organized into pools, they should create a new Pool, then add questions there, instead of creating them directly in a Test.

Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is a Windows only application that can be used to create tests or pools of questions that can be published directly to a HuskyCT site. It can also be used to create multiple versions of a printed test.

One of the key advantages of Respondus, however, is the ability to import questions from a Word or text file. Once the questions are imported to a Respondus file, they can be quickly and easily published to a HuskyCT site. This can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to create a Test in HuskyCT. Please see our detailed instructions for this process.

Respondus can also be used to extract questions from a HuskyCT Test or Pool. This can be helpful when a Test was created inside HuskyCT, but the instructor wants to be able to have a local copy of the test or be able to print out the Test.

UConn currently has a site license for Respondus 4.0 so it can be downloaded for free by all instructors and staff. Please visit the website for the Software Licensing Group to download the software and the installation code. Go to the Respondus information page and look under the “Distribution” heading.

Deploying a Test

Deploying a test and setting test options (video)

Setting Test Options

Recommended Test Options

How to Accommodate Extra Test Time

Test Availability Exceptions (video)

Force Submit a Test in Progress

Clear a Test Attempt

View Test Access Log

Using Respondus 4.0 to create a Test

Test Export and Import (video)

Blackboard Help Pages

Blackboard help for Tests, Surveys, and Pools (look for list of specific help topics at bottom of overview)

Blackboard YouTube Tutorials:

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Using Item analysis


Downloading Campus License version of Respondus (look under “Distribution” heading)