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users_groupsIn the Control Panel under “Course Management”




The list of Users includes all members enrolled on the HuskyCT site, regardless of their role. In all HuskyCT sites you should see those in the Instructor role listed here as well as those in the Student role. In some sites, there may also be those in the Teaching Assistant role, Grader role, or Builder role. Each role has specific “privileges” assigned to it.

Instructors are able to build their site, manage the Grade Center, and manage members. Teaching Assistants can do almost everything that those in the Instructor role can do except for adding or removing members. Graders can access the Grade Center and grade submitted Tests, Assignments, and Discussions, but they cannot add or remove content from the site or build Tests or Assignments. Builders cannot access any student data, but have the ability to modify the content and organization of the site.

Instructors and students listed in PeopleSoft for a certain class will automatically be enrolled on the HuskyCT site created for that class. If needed, however, those in the Instructor role can enroll additional users. This option is used most often to enroll TAs, but anyone with a UConn NetID can be enrolled manually on any HuskyCT site in any role (Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Grader, Builder, Student). Please note, however, that Instructors in a HuskyCT site do not have the ability to un-enroll other Instructors on the site. For this, the Instructional Resource Center should be contacted.


Groups can be formed within a HuskyCT site in a few different ways. Multiple groups can be created at once using the “Create Group Set” option. The instructor can choose to enroll group members manually, have students randomly assigned to the groups, or have students “Self-enroll” into the groups which is accomplished using sign-up sheets. Groups can also be created one at a time with the option to manually enroll students or to have students Self-enroll.

When creating groups, instructors must name the group(s) as well as choose which tools should be made available for the students to use within their group. By default, all the Tool options are selected, so instructors will want to un-check all those they wish to remove. The tools most often left active are Discussion Board, Email, and File Exchange.

Once Groups have been created, instructors can create Assignments that are designated “Group Assignments”. This means that one submission only will be accepted from the group and the grade given to that assignment will go into the Grade Center for each student in the group.

Groups can also be used for “Adaptive Release”. This makes it possible for the instructor to post content or an activity that can only be seen by members of a certain group. Sometimes this function is used in HuskyCT sites where the honors section for a course has been combined with the regular section.

Students will gain access to their group area MyGroupsand the tools that are active using a new link that will appear in the left-hand navigation menu called My Groups.

Instructors need not add themselves as group members as they will be able to access all the group’s work from the Groups Tool under the Control Panel. 


Enroll additional users

Change user’s role

Blackboard help for Groups (there are several pages of help available, but instructors are encouraged to contact the Instructional Resource Center with any questions they have regarding groups.