What’s new in HuskyCT?

Course Requests for Summer and Fall

Starting March 10, instructors of record will be able to use the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft) to request HuskyCT sites for Summer and Fall 2015 classes. These sites will be created on a new server, so instructors will need to log in at http://lms.uconn.edu to access these summer and fall sites.  By June 1, “huskyct.uconn.edu” will also take users to the new server to log in.

New HuskyCT Features

Along with the new server address, an updated version of Blackboard Learn 9.1, referred to as “October 2014 release” will be in use.  The new features in this version are listed below along with links to the relevant Blackboard Help pages.

1. Student Preview replaces Student View

Student Preview generates a student account for instructors which enables them to to view their course exactly as a student does. This option is now operational prior to the course being open to the enrolled students. Please note that the last name for the preview student account will be the instructor’s last name followed by “_PreviewUser” and if there are multiple instructors using the Student Preview option, multiple student accounts will be generated. Instructors do have the option, however, to use the preview function without adding a student account to the Grade Center. For more information on using Student Preview, please consult Blackboard’s help.

2. Spell check is now ON by default in the Content Editor

3. SafeAssign integration with regular assignments

With the integration between SafeAssign and regular assignments, almost all of the regular assignment features are available with the SafeAssign service. Most notably, SafeAssign submissions now have the “inline grading” features of regular assignments. For more detail, please visit Blackboard’s help.

4. Changes to SafeAssign originality reports

See Blackboard’s help for specifics.

 5. Anonymous grading for assignment submissions

When creating an assignment instructors can choose to hide student names when viewing and grading submissions. Students are alerted to the anonymous grading setting on the Upload Assignment page. For complete anonymity,  however, instructors would need to have students not include their names on the files submitted. Please see more information on Blackboard’s help.

6. Delegated grading for assignment submissions

Grading of assignments can now be divided up among those with the roles of Instructor,Teaching Assistant, or Grader by using Delegated Grading. Delegated graders provide provisional grades and the set of assignment attempts they see is based on the options chosen by the instructor creating the assignment. After all delegated graders provide grades and feedback, one or more instructors review the grading to determine a final grade or reconcile it. Please review Blackboard’s help for more information on this feature.